Chris’s Goals

Although like Daniel I am not very sure at all what I will be doing at the village, I have received some clues.  Things such as playing with the kids, reading to them, teaching them English, constructing buildings for the orphanage, planting an orchard, blogging, and taking photos have all been discussed.  I am very excited about all the discussed possibilities as well as for the unknown.

Many people in my major seem jealous when I tell them what I am doing this summer, but I can tell that my path is far from normal for my major.  Most people during their junior year summer are getting internships and preparing for their upcoming careers.  Without going too deep into my philosophy on life and the world in general, I have no interest in a traditional career.  Down the road, I may get a “real” job, but for the first 10 years at least I want to be living life as my job.  Whether that means volunteering at orphanages, in the Peace Corps or Americorps, backpacking across Europe, touring the U.S. on a motorcycle, or hanging out in Colorado enjoying the scenery I will enjoying life and not confined to a 9-5 job.

I love to help out other people and try new things.  I think there is far too much poverty and oppression in this world to not do something about it.  I know one person can’t change the world, but 1 less person in corporate America, and 1 more out working in the field I hope is a start.  Although my ultimate goal is to end up in South America to make use of my Spanish, I would not be surprised if I fall in love with Africa and don’t even want to leave.

I don’t really know what to expect on this trip or future endeavors in my life, but one thing is for sure: there will never be a dull moment.



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