Olympic Day

Yesterday we had an absolutely awesome day.  It was easily the most fun I have had since I have been here.  We started the day off by attending Kigali’s Olympic Day.  This was an event designed to get the country excited about the upcoming Olympics.  In the morning we took part in a 12k walk/run and received free t-shirts.  Needless to say we did mainly walking however I found that I actually had lots of energy and ran a little bit on the way.  We were accompanied by another Daniel, a 13-year-old Rwandan boy, who walked with us the whole time.  His English was very good and I talked with him a lot.

After the walk there was ceremony in the gym.  We were given VIP status with floor seats that were right behind the Rwandan Olympic Chair as well as the British High Commissioner.  Check the internet to see if I made it in the background of their photos.  The event started with a dancing/stretching session followed by performances by popular Rwandan music artists, Dream Boys and Kitoko, performed.  There were also some short speeches and race results.

Although this experience was very cool, it still feels awkward to get VIP status everywhere just because we are mazoongos (spelling is probably wrong but it basically means white person).  We haven’t done anything to deserve this celebrity status.

After the Olympic day, we got a chance to meet Prosper, the wonderful assistant director of NCV, ‘s mom.  It was a nice relaxation period for the events to come.

When we returned home we played with the NCV kids for a bit but Nicole had a great idea to move our game outside to play with the neighborhood kids. We played a game of “futbol” with at least 50+ kids until it got dark.  It was so fun, although I think we were lucky to avoid injuries with so many people playing and uneven terrain.  We will definitely be engaging with the neighborhood kids more often after this awesome experience.

After soccer, I stupidly thought the fun was over for the night and took a shower.  Little did I know that a dance party with the NCV kids was to ensue.  I broke into another sweat making my shower moot.  We followed the dance party with a viewing of Cool Runnnings.  Perfect end to a perfect day.

Tomorrow the orchard project is getting started and we have numerous visitors coming to NCV.  I can’t believe a week has gone by.  Pretty soon I’ll be attempting to summit Kilimanjaro!



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