About Us


I am a a senior at Hope College were I study History (major) and Political Science (minor). At Hope, I have focused on Africa, especially issues related to peace and security.   I recently spent a semester in Durban, South Africa, studying the social and political legacies of apartheid.  While in South Africa, I interned with the Peacekeeping Unit of the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD).  I currently serve as Project Director for Behope, the student arm of Hope’s partnership with Nibakure Children’s Village.


I am a senior at THE  Ohio University, not to be confused with that school up in Columbus.I am studying Marketing (major) and Spanish (minor) and will be studying entrepreneurship/ management next year there as well.  I have a huge passion for helping making this world a better place.  I have been to 13 countries, and will be adding a few more this summer through Daniel and I’s trip.  I will hopefully spend my post-graduate years in a career that allow me to utilize Spanish while helping out humanity (Americorps, Peace Corps, non-profit work).

I am from Cincinnati and am a die hard Cincinnati/ OU sports fan.  I live and die with my teams.  In addition, I have a yearning for adventure.  Skydiving is one of the top things on my bucket list and everyday I am adding to this list.  During my trip this summer, I will also be swinging over to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro.

Go Bobcats!


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